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01 April 2014


When you’re preparing to open your in home salon, you’ll need a full
line of salon products. Whether you plan to work just in makeup, doing
hair, nails or a combination of the three, your startup beauty salon
will require lots of new equipment. Like any professional salon, you’ll
have a wide range of needs, from towel warmers to shampoo bowls to
makeup storage solutions and brush sets.
One of the best solutions is to find a wholesaler or an outlet, like
thesalonoutlet.com, that can help you with a wide range of products at
discounted prices. At thesalonoutlet.com, you’ll find
lots of interesting products, in addition to the standards. They have
portable shampoo bowls, so you can move them around in the salon. They
have sets of makeup brushes with over ten pieces, so you can apply any
makeup your client desires. You’ll find full airbrush makeup kits, a
growing trend that will keep you on the cutting edge in the beauty world.

There are a lot of other important items that you’ll find useful in a
new salon. Every salon needs a towel warmer and a full array of floor
and desk lamps. It’s important to keep a work area brightly lit when
doing hair color or working on nails or makeup. Ultrasonic cleaning
machines or UV sterilizers are important to maintain health and safety
standards in your home salon and having one present will help your
customers understand that you value their health and always meet safety
standards even if your salon is located in your home. Rolling cases,
nail art machines and holsters for hair dryers and other tools are also

As you get started in your home salon, you’ll find that there are lots
of items you need to keep your salon running. A full line of products is
available at thesalonoutlet.com.


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