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23 March 2014

Last weekend was quite sunny so I've put on my new tartan dress. The funny thing is that now we have moved in a somewhat more rural part of the town and when we went to the local shop, lots of people were staring at me. I suppose that here even this is considered a flashy outfit...
I love this dress and it arrived super quickly, in a beautiful box. Plus it's made in UK! And with the tartan print, it's a true british spirit that it has!

InloveWithFashion tartan dress, Girl Intuitive cross necklace, Choies sunglasses


  1. We love your style...very original and stylish.. we follow you via Twitter and Bloglovin'... and you facebook page?
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC

  2. lovely dress, and i like your stockings too :)

  3. love this dress! always a fan of plaid/tartan - so classic!

  4. I've decided that some places just don't understand patterned tights. If I were patterned tights in some cities everyone acts normal, and in others people stare without reservation (even if the dress is conservative). You look awesome! I love the tartan dress. I followed you on GFC! :)



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