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29 March 2015

Hey everyone! Here's a chance to win some new spring items, courtesy of SheInside. They will pick 50 winners from all the participating blogs, so why not try your luck? Just click on the poster above to see more info! And don't forget to check out their publisher program too, for more profits! 

As a bonus, here are some of their current collection items that would make for a nice dark look:

24 March 2015

It's been quite a while again as I've been studying hard for uni, but now I've got my schedule back together and got plans for new projects! (Yaaay!). And there should be plenty of art ahead and a more careful choice of  collaborations to bring you lots of delicious and witchy news! So enough blah-blah for now. I'll leave you to enjoy these photos and the promise of rebirth of the blog.

18 January 2015

It's been a very mild winter here and the only snow I've seen was on the short trip to the mountains during the winter holidays. Holidays that I've spent learning from morning until night time. I guess I've been finding refuge in knowledge these past months. 

But on a fashion note, I didn't think much of this dress at first, but now I adore it. Simple but quite elegant, with a lovely multiple straps detail. I'm thinking it would even make a good stage dress if I ever get to hold any concerts with my new band. Maybe add a few black beads and sparkly lace and it will be perfect!

Fecbek Dress, Geox boots, vintage coat, Mimi Pompadour headband

30 November 2014

Uni is crazy as always but we learn some really nice things (I even made my first paracetamol pill, woo!). But it's been quite a while since I took a break, so this weekend when I went to Paris, it was a real treat. Of course, being me, I ended up taking photos in front of a generic bush that you can find anywhere else. Because it had pretty red berries. But either way, the rest of the day was mostly visiting museums and shops, not exactly better backgrounds. None of the usual touristic attractions this time since I have already seen them many times now.

Oasap skirt, Pimkie sweater, Geox boots

Black Friday shopping was very brief for me, I am still longing for a new laptop and a new camera that I just can't find a decent offer for. But at least there is Cyber Monday to make up for it with lost of websites holding sales! Be sure to check out this one from Oasap!

14 October 2014

After a short break, I am coming back with a new gift for you! You have the chance of winning one cardigan from Oasap, your choice from 3 models. Great for the coming winter, don't you think?

1. Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan


2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan


3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan


What you have to do:
- register on Oasap if you haven't already
- leave a comment bellow with he email used to register and your choice of cardigan

Optional extries (1 extra comment for each = 1 extra entry each):
- follow my blog 
- share with friends on a social network

Giveaway ends in 7 days. Good luck!

**WINNER: No. 1! Congrats!**

07 August 2014

When I was looking for my first corset, I wandered how to choose the best one for me. All the models were very attractive but I didn't know much about the structure and making of a corset. Back then, there were few tutorials online so I had to learn along the way. My favorites quickly became the steel boned corsets that allow to pull in the waist a lot without creasing. Which is one thing my new Red Burlesque Corset from The Burgandy Boudoir does perfectly. It's great for someone who is more used to wearing corsets and it's nice and thick thanks to the cotton lining. It would also work great for a busty girl since it has plenty of room at the top. The extra features are the modesty panel at the back and the slots for inserting garters. It makes quite a comfortable wear and the outer fabric has a gorgeous sheen, plus the color and pattern were just like in the product photos, no faults at all! And it's also perfect for an early stage of waist training, when you need to get used to the feel of a sturdy corset. The laces it came with are also great, which is rare for an OTC corset! They make it easy to lace and unlace and are thick enough to hold it all in place.

Make sure to check out the rest of the shop to find your ideal corset. There are plenty of models to choose from for all occasions, underbusts included! And they come with a lovely thank you card too!

29 July 2014

 As usual during the summer (for me), it's been a crazy month. Between the laptop breaking, traveling and shooting a fashion campaign, I've somehow found a few days to breathe as well. It was really nice to have a break and enjoy seeing old friends and familiar places. And so the photos below were taken on a quick visit to Amboise, on a very changing weather (it was sunny at one point and 2 minutes later we were taking shelter from the pouring rain). 

I took with me my new bag from Tidestore which I absolutely fell in love with, because of its size and practicality. It can fit my camera, netbook, wallet, phone and mp3 player all at the same time without being huge. And it has a series of zippers and compartments that I adore, since I have a hard time finding my stuff in a one compartment bag (sound familiar?). I had initially chosen it just because of the pretty tassel accessory, but it proved to be a worthy companion! 

The shoes were also a pair I wanted for a while, they look a lot like a design by Nicholas Kirkwood. They are very comfortable and look great when worn. They fit true to size so feel confident enough to buy your own. I got one size bigger out of fear they would be too small and they ended up being too big. Oh well! :)

Tidestore purse, Dresswe shoes, Romwe dress, Vessos corset belt

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